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Your very own bluebell wood

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If the idea of woodland enchants you, then how about being the owner and steward of around 8 acres of beautiful ancient woodland planted over 200 years ago? Several trees like oak and beech actually survive from that original planting and the wood is also home to a wide range of wildlife and other flora.

And at this of year, bluebells carpet the ground underneath trees bringing a spectacle that would never cease to delight.

A 5-bedroom lodge sits in the middle of the property at the end of the tree-lined driveway, providing you with a most private and peaceful setting in which to spend time and entertain.

There is even a river running through the property at its border with trout, crayfish and spawning salmon.

If this kind of property sounds like the retreat that you’ve dreamt of owning – for just over €300K – then get in touch and tell us more about your property search.

Photograph of bluebell woods taken by Hartney Photographics

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