What makes us different

We don’t just have an eye for property - we have an eye for property with potential.

We work on the basis that your perfect property is out there - it just may not look exactly like your dream home right now.

It may need some 'tlc' or it might require a complete facelift; it might need a new internal layout, revamped kitchen and bathrooms, or it might just need some clever landscaping.

Location really is everything (there’s a reason they chant it three times!) so we concentrate our searches on homes with the best locations, knowing that the properties can be transformed. We also concentrate our searches on homes with that magic something - a spectacular view, a great garden or beautiful period features.

We know that some properties are more suitable for transformation than others and we are expert at spotting these ‘properties with potential’ - the ones that other buyers often overlook.

This is how you get the property of your dreams, in the perfect location.

And best of all, you will usually pay less for a property with less than obvious charms, and more often than not, you’ll end up with a property that’s worth more in the long run. Our mantra is always to add value and we know the best ways to do this. But it all begins with the right canvas…


Are you ready to find your dream property?