Here’s how we find your perfect property

* Engagement & Questionnaire

Once you have engaged us to find you your dream property in Ireland, we go through our detailed questionnaire with you to define exactly what you’re looking for in a location and a home (this can be done in person, via Skype or via email depending on your location and preference).

As soon as we both have agreed exactly what you are looking for, we can start our search in your chosen area or areas using all our experience, contacts and local knowledge.

* Search, Shortlist & Suggested Transformations

We draw up a shortlist for you of 3-5 properties (dependent on availability of property at any point in the market) which we share with you.

We don't just choose properties from descriptions given by estate agents or private sellers, we visit these properties ourselves, take additional photographs and measurements, visit the local area and check technical issues where possible (availability of broadband, connections to services).

For each property we suggest, we compile a detailed report on that property, including its plus and minus points, to provide the fullest possible picture for you of the property, its location and its potential as your dream property.

We also show you in gorgeous detail, the improvements we would suggest to each property, inside and out, including landscaping. Our suggested changes to your property will include a host of design ideas to help you make it uniquely yours in how it functions and how it looks, and crucially also how you could increase its value.

* Visit

We will then arrange for you to visit your chosen properties with us. This can generally be done in one day but we will arrange each visit to suit each client’s specific requirements. If the area is new to you, we will also arrange to show you around and introduce you to the famous sights and also the less well known locations, often overlooked in the guidebooks. Good food and the famous Irish ‘craic’ will also feature at this stage!

* Purchase

Once you have decided on a property, we will help you to secure the property for the best price possible and guide you through the process so it is as speedy and efficient as possible.

* Transformation

As soon as you are the proud owners of your ‘nearly’ dream home in Ireland, we can then help you to realise its potential by redesigning it inside and out and managing the transformation to your exact specifications. This service is separate to the search service and costed accordingly.

* Ongoing support and advice

Finally, if your home is intended to be used as a holiday home, we can offer a further service (costed separately) to advise you on:

  • obtaining the best professional photographs;
  • securing the best listings for your property; and
  • ensuring that it is managed to the highest levels and provides the highest possible return for you based on its size and location.

If you'd like to talk to us about your search, then please schedule a call with us.