A 1970's bungalow exterior makeover with traditional windows by Amalfi White Living

An exterior makeover of a tired 1970’s home

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We spotted this very tired and unprepossessing 1970’s era bungalow (below) in Co. Cork on a property website for a pretty low price tag of €35K. It’s fairly typical of houses of this period but despite its obvious decline over the years, it does have a pleasing overall shape.

1970's house in need of an exterior makeover

If you follow our work here, you’ll already know that one of our favourite things to do is to reimagine tired and sorry exteriors, making them beautiful and welcoming for our clients. This is especially relevant when you find a drab property in a great location.

Some transformations may require the skills of an architect to realise the potential of a house. But if the overall shape and proportions are already pleasing, then it truly is amazing what new windows, doors, roof materials and landscaping can do to totally transform a home from one that you’d pass by without a second glance, to one that makes you smile – and one that can be worth a lot more to boot.

With the help of a photomontage technique, we’ve come up with two ways to update this example with an exterior makeover, first with a more traditional style (top) and then with modern steel windows (below). Both makeovers also rely on pretty landscaping to complete the look. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?…

A 1970's bungalow exterior makeover with modern steel windows by Amalfi White Living

If these images have inspired you to find your own renovation project in a beautiful part of Ireland, then get in touch to set up an informal chat with us to learn more about how we work and to tell us about your dream property.

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