Before and after of a renovation project in Dublin

What is your dream renovation project?

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Are you someone who watches property shows on TV and imagine that one day you’ll take on your own renovation project? Are you the type that can see past crumbling paint, creaking floors and lacklustre decoration to the gem of the property hidden beneath?

Taking on a renovation project is not for the faint-hearted but most people who go on the journey say it’s one of the best things they’ve done. They can look back at ‘before and after’ images of their project and be rightly proud that they had the vision to take on the challenge of bringing their dream home to life.

Whether you dream of rescuing a crumbling wreck or just want to put your stamp on a tired property that has seen better days, there are lots of possible renovation projects right now in beautiful corners of Ireland just waiting for the right person with enough vision to bring them back to life.

We have spotted cottages, school houses, mill houses, granaries and old farm buildings, all with amazing potential to be homes or holiday homes for the lucky few. Some need to be totally renovated, others have already been renovated but need clever design ideas to finish them off to perfection.

Why not let us know what your ideal renovation project looks like and not only will we find it for you but, using our skills as designers, we’ll help you every step of the way to design and restore it just as you imagined it…

{The image above is of a charming two storey cottage orné in Marlay Park in Co. Dublin. You can read here how it lay abandoned for years until a recent intervention resulted in this wonderful restoration.}

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